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Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring...

1. Are you experienced?
I have a lot of gigs under my belt. From sweet sixteen parties, weddings and receptions, to fund raisers and school dances. I have been doing this part time for over 20 years. In Addition I have worked as an Audio and lighting Technition. I also own and operate (part-time) a CD mastering studio for un-signed local bands called Hardqor Productions.

2. Why is your company so much less to hire than the other companies I have checked?
One Word: OVERHEAD. I work out of my home, part time. And I have no employees (unless my wife or one of my kids wants to help out).

3. What type of music will you bring?
Whatever you wish! I have many hours of music in several formats.

4. Do you take request's?
Of Course! From the 40's to right now! Also, If you have a list of music you want played, It can be listed In the Written Agreement.

5. Do you provide a written agreement?
A written agreement is very important to me. It locks in all the important details that enable me to put on a successful show, such as type of music, Location, Venue size. And it provides a measure of security to you that I will be there, on time and properly prepared. I do not require a deposit unless another booking is available to me at the same time as yours...(usually 50.00$)

6. What kind of equipment do you have?

My Complete Package includes over 2000 watts of Sound reinforcement, Rack mounted,bi-Amped and E.Q.ed to the room for excellent full range Sound. Separate Low End and High End speakers. I also carry a back-up P.A. amplifier that is capable of replacing any part of the system should I have an Equipment Failure. All music is CD based and mixed through a Six Channel "DJ" mixer. The System is Fully P.A. Capable and Microphones are available for use at no extra cost. "Gear Heads" can contact me directly for more details on my systems:).

7. I'm not sure how late this will go, How late will you stay?
As Long as The Party Goes! I never double-book a night. If you hire me from 4 till 8 and the party is still rockin' then pass the Hat 'Cause I ain't stoppin! :) I am usually having as much fun as your guests are and will stay 'till the wee hours if needed.

8. Do you charge for set-up and tear-down or travel?
All set-up, tear down and travel is on my time. Never Pay any DJ extra unless you are asking for him to travel a LONG ways to a Gig, And even then define it up front on the written agreement

The following questions are from a national DJ referal service:

Will You Play The Music At An Appropriate Level?

The biggest concern voiced by prospective clients is the volume level of the music. A professional DJ knows to keep the volume at a level appropriate for the guests, especially during cocktails and the dinner hour.

Do You Do More Than Just Play Music at the Affair?

Most affairs involve more than playing music. It is important to have a DJ who is capable of playing the music, handling all of the announcements and helps to coordinate the affair.

Will You Listen to My Concerns and Input?

It is your event. A professional DJ is aware that they can't possibly know every aspect of music and entertainment. Your input and suggestions should be welcome!